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Where is your farm?

We're 8kms from Korumburra in South Gippsland Victoria, Australia. It's a little area call Ranceby. There used to be a school and a church here but they are long gone. Just a plaque on the side of the road remains. We often find old bits of crockery, little bottles and a few coins from yesteryears when we dig in new places. Lots of history in these hills.

Are you Australian owned and operated? 

You bet. We are a little family of three, Stewart, me (Julie) and our young daughter Edie May. She's a wonderful farmhand, loves planting garlic (for 5 minutes then eases into making a mud pie singing a made-up song about rainbows) and life is good. Busy, very busy, but wonderful. 

Is your garlic organic?

We are not certified but like to keep things natural and spray-free. That applies to the herbs, lemons and chillis we grow for our garlic salt range too.

Are your garlic salts gluten-free?

Yes. We searched for and found a pure salt without anti-caking agents. It's an Australian seasalt. It is quite salty, surprise surprise, so we recommend using it sparingly to start to get used to how much to add to your cooking.

Where should I store my garlic?

When it's just cured new season garlic, so around December, it should be fine in a dry place away from direct light for a few months. Don't put in with your potatoes or onions any moisture may make it spoil. You can put it in the fridge too. Especially if you are in a humid region, and we recommend storing in the fridge late in the season, so from June onwards, and it will slow shooting. If it does shoot, plant it in the veg patch or garden.

Will my garlic salt clump?

Because salt attracts moisture it can, plus we don't use an anti-caking agent. If it is a bit clumpy, just bang it with a spoon and it should be fine. Some people store in the fridge, but we find the pantry is fine for us.

What is our returns policy?

We are confident you'll love your order but if for any reason you are not happy with it, please get in touch and we can find a solution for you. We'll need a photo sent to show any issues (wrong item sent or issue with product, broken jar etc.) and then we will happily resend to you at our cost, we're always here to help. If we've made a mistake and sent you the wrong item in error, we are happy for you to keep it and we'll send you the right one. :)

What is our shipping policy?

We are a small family farming business and try our very best to ship your order within 3 business days. Most of the time it's next day, but if you have an urgent gift or need your order quickly, you can choose Express Post, or ask us to Express Post for you. We have free shipping for orders $50 and over, a very low threshold for postage, and ask that for smaller orders under $50, you pay a flat rate of $10 shipping. These costs are for Australian Shipping only, overseas shipping rates are a flat rate of $25. 


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